OHOS Community Fund

To ensure that input and participation in OHOS represents the diversity, thematic richness, and full linguistic range of UK community heritage, wider community participation in our project is funded through a series of open calls for our OHOS Community Fund. This resource aims to provide funds to promote genuine co-production of technical development, research priorities, and outreach activities. Multiple calls for applications to this fund will be made throughout the lifetime of OHOS to enable valuable community input into our project (including prototyping, data modelling, and participation in designing interface aspects).

More information on the OHOS Community Fund, including information on how to apply for this funding and current calls for applications, can be found here.

OHOS Community Fund

Initial Proposal
Submission Form

Please submit your initial proposals for funding through the OHOS Community Fund using the webform below. If you have any issues with submitting proposals via this web form, please email us at contact@ohos.ac.uk.

Please provide:

  • your name and, if applicable, the community/organisation you represent
  • a contact email address
  • a short proposal detailing your intended activity/work
  • how the OHOS Community Fund would help you to conduct this and what it would help you achieve
  • the proposed amount of funding being requested from the Community Fund for the activity/work